Google Cloud Storage

This backend is for storing data in Google Cloud Storage by using the google-cloud-storage library.

google-cloud-storage is only available for Python 3. Simplekv also provides access to Google Cloud Storage through BotoStore using the boto library which is available for Python 2.

Note that google-cloud-storage is not a dependency for simplekv. You need to install it manually, otherwise you will see an ImportError.

Here is a short example:

from import GoogleCloudStore

credentials_path = "/path/to/credentials.json"

store = GoogleCloudStore(credentials=credentials_path, bucket_name="test_bucket")

# store some data in the store
store.put("first-key", b"Hello Google Cloud!")

# print out what's behind first-key. You should now see
# the key in the bucket as well
print store.get("first-key")


The tests for the google cloud storage backend either

  • use a real google cloud storage account
  • use the Fake GCS Server storage emulator

The travis tests use the second method. Caution: Some methods (deleting buckets, copying blobs, …) aren’t implemented in the emulator and should therefore be tested using a real cloud storage account.

To test with a real blob store account, edit the file google_cloud_credentials.ini s.t. the first config section contains the path to the credentials.json of your test account.

To test against a locally running Fake GCS Server instance make sure to start the docker container:

docker run -d --name fake-gcs-server -p 4443:4443 fsouza/fake-gcs-server -scheme http

before running the tests.